Découvrez ‘InternationAnimals’, le nouveau blog de Vincent Chapaux!

blog vincentThe Centre of International Law is proud to present its latest blog : InternationAnimals. Directed by Vincent Chapaux, the blog will offer a weekly refection on animals and international law.

The interest of international law for animals is far from new. From the well known CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora – 1973) to the less famous European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals (1987), animals have been part of international law for decades. But the interest of civil society and lawyers for this topic has rarely been so high. So much so that some dare to speak of a true animal turn in humanities.

With its weekly analysis, InternationAnimals ambitions to help you follow and understand the latest legal events related to international animal law. Is animal welfare a general principle of international law? Do animals have fundamental rights? What does the fact that la pachamama is considered a subject of rights in the Bolivian and Ecuadorian constitution actually means?

If you want to learn about that – and more – please visit InternationAnimals. And if you want to be informed of the latest posts, please do not hesitate to subscribe, either by liking the facebook page or by submitting your email address on the blog’s homepage.

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